So you are in need of modern Christmas decorating ideas?  Well you are not alone. With the surge in popularity of mid century modern design and contemporary modern design there has also been a surge in interest in recent years in having modern Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree that reflects these same design sensibilities.  After all, why wouldn’t you want your Christmas tree to match your home?  With that said, here are some modern Christmas decorating ideas and trends designed to give your holidays some style.
The dominant trend in recent years in Christmas tree and holiday decorating has been the monochromatic use of color.  This means using a single color on your Christmas tree and carrying that color throughout the home. For a Christmas tree that could mean white ornaments on a white tree, red ornament on a red tree or even blue ornaments on a blue tree. A Modern Christmas tree like this would certainly create an memorable holiday experience!
In addition to using the same color, repetition of shapes throughout a tree has become popular.  Just imagine a tree decorated with nothing but disco balls!  The Modern Christmas Tree is serving the  popular trend of repetition of shape and color with their full product line of trees.  Modern Christmas Tree owners are adopting this look by setting up a wall tree in the entry way, a full tree in the family room and the tabletop Jubilee tree as a centerpiece on the kitchen table or on the night stand in a child’s room.
By implementing these modern Christmas decoration ideas including the usage of monochromatic color and repetition, your modern Christmas deco will certainly be the talk of your holiday party and ensure a special and memorable modern Christmas experience.