Christmas Trees For Modern People

In 2011, Matthew Bliss re-created his grandfather’s Modern Christmas Trees design and made it available to the public. Bliss’ grandfather, Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker designed the first Modern Christmas Tree from cardboard in the 1960’s. Bud, an engineer and architect, loved to build A-Frame modern style homes, so this made the Modern Christmas Tree a natural fit for him. Over the years the tree’s design was refined, moving from cardboard, to Masonite, to Plexiglas. The ornaments were also updated for aesthetic fine tuning.

Today, the trees are designed in a range of acrylics. The ornaments consist of classic globes and the chandelier crystals sparkle and shine. Later in life, Bud was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which spurred Bliss’ decision to show the tree. Debuting at the Denver Modernism Show in 2011, the Modern Christmas Tree was a hit.