Named the ‘Jubilee Tree’ because it was created on the 50th anniversary since the first tree was made, this tree is the perfect size for tabletops.

  • 33 inches tall
  • 10″-inch tulip base tree stand and arm
  • 17″-inch widest bottom ring
  • Includes forty (40) Glass chandelier crystals with chrome pin, hand cut and polished
  • Includes four (4) complete sets of shatterproof ball ornaments (silver, red, green, and blue)
  • Includes three (3) interchangeable toppers (star, shamrock, and heart)
  • Includes one (1) LED, 1 watt/120 lumen, cord or cordless (includes 3 AA rechargeable batteries)
  • Includes one (1) remote, 4 color settings, and timer option
  • (100) “S” hooks
    * Sputnik tree topper does not go with the Jubilee
    * Jubilee not available undecorated and not intended to decorate with your own bulbs, although you may use your own small bulbs at your discretion
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