Sleeper House, Colorado

  • Modern Christmas Tree Sleeper House
  • Sleeper House Modern Christmas Tree

The Sculptured House, also known as the Sleeper House, is a distinctive elliptical curved house built on Genesee Mountain in 1963 by architect Charles Deaton. It is featured prominently in the 1973 Woody Allen sci-fi comedy Sleeper.

Photos by JC Buck.

“When I was a kid our family would drive up I-70 on our way to go skiing. Every time we approached Genesee we would look for what we called the “Space Ship” house. It’s a mysterious iconic house to anyone who grew up in Colorado. My Grandpa must have driven by it hundreds of times while making A-frame cabins all over the Rocky Mountains. To be able to photograph his trees in such an important home was a dream come true”

Matthew Bliss, Founder, Modern Christmas Tree