Is there such a thing as an allergy friendly Christmas tree? For the 40 million Americans that suffer from year-round allergies and millions more with seasonal allergies, let’s hope there is such a thing as an allergy friendly Christmas tree.  To answer this question, lets first look at the problems associated with displaying real trees and a traditional artificial Christmas trees.

For the millions of Americans with allergies, the holidays can be unbearable if you display a real Christmas tree and suffer from plant-related pollen Allergies.  Pollen isn’t the only problem though. Real trees carry mold spores, nearly invisible to the naked eye, which continue to grow once the tree settles into the home.  Other problems associated with real Christmas trees include the tree sap itself and terpenes, which is a compound that gives real trees their distinctive smell which millions of Americans are allergic to. The search for an allergy friendly Christmas tree continues…

Is an artificial tree the more allergy friendly Christmas tree?  The answer is yes but they aren’t without problems. Artificial Christmas trees like real trees, carry dust and mold spores. Dust and mold spores are an inevitable problem with artificial Christmas trees because they are so difficult to clan and store.

Just imagine that artificial Christmas tree collecting dust in a damp basement as it hibernates 10 months out of the year.

Does an allergy friendly Christmas tree even exist?  That answer became yes when in 2012 the Modern Christmas Tree was made available to the world .  The reason why the Modern Christmas Tree is the most allergy friendly Christmas tree on the market comes down to design and storage.  Modern Christmas trees are made of flat acrylic rings making them easy to clean and store.  The rings collapse and store in a zipper case lined with a synthetic velvet that not only prevents dust and mold spores but helps remove them from the rings while in storage. The decorated trees even come with a feather duster allowing you to easily remove the dust while the tree is displayed. For more information on these allergy friendly Christmas trees check out this article in Architectural Digest.

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