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Desire an exceptional holiday for you & your loved ones?

Elevate this Christmas season with a centerpiece that reflects your impeccable style. Embrace a new tradition and set the stage for unforgettable holiday moments and memories.

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Want the Holidays to be special this year?

We’ll help you create memories that last forever

The holiday season is a time for togetherness and the creation of cherished memories. Start a new tradition that centers around your family, where the laughter of your children fills the air and the love is palpable. The Modern Christmas Tree provides the perfect backdrop for these moments, enhancing the joy and warmth that radiate from your home.


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A Sustainable Tradition

Ethical, Eco-Friendly


When you purchase your Modern Christmas Tree, a tree is planted on your behalf.  Not only do you save a tree from being cut down, one is planted in your name complete with a “Planting Certificate”. Save a tree. Plant a tradition.

Mid-Century Modern From the Mid-Century

Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker was a masterful storyteller. He mesmerized family and friends with colorful stories from his experiences as an engineer and entrepreneur, building rockets for the NASA Apollo missions, constructing A-frame cabins across the Rocky Mountains, and bringing to life his very own modern Christmas tree.

Architectural Digest Modern Christmas Tree

Express the Joy of New Memories

Start a new chapter in your story and embrace the magic of the holiday season like never before.


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