People welcomed this new form of Christmas trees happily but very few of them know about the origin of the Modern Christmas Tree. In creating collapsible Christmas trees, Lawrence ‘Bud’ Stoecker hoped to reflect his modern style and serve as a timeless centerpiece for the holidays he loved to share with friends and family.

Later in 2011, his grandson decided to share this beautiful masterpiece with the world. With the mid-century modern christmas tree, people started their own brilliant stories just like the artist. In order to signify authenticity and artist satisfaction, each of the trees bears Bud’s signature. Along with that exists Bud’s love and passion for art.

With its dramatic and festive color cycles, the collapsible Christmas tree is the first tree in the world that embodies your style and changes according to your mood. With our phenomenal collapsible Christmas tree, decorating for Christmas will be a breeze! Our trees are designed to bring festive cheer to your home in just a few simple steps, from flat to standing in five minutes. The following are a few of our products that are adored by our customers: 

THE CLASSIC 8′ Modern Christmas Tree

Hand-cut Pendalogue Crystal Prisms and timeless glass-blown bulbs decorate the 8-foot-tall tree. Each is chosen for its dazzling refractive brilliance, which enchants everyone as it sparkles and dances in the light. 

The tree is also simple to assemble and collapses for storage. With its powder-coated “Tulip” stand, the tree takes after world-renowned designer Eero Saarinen for a clean look and easy set-up. The “Sputnik” tree topper, a custom-designed 12-point clear acrylic star, completes our classic 8′ collapsible Christmas tree.

Other Features:

  • MODUS Mood LED uplight.
  • Tree Storage Case.
  • Mirrorball & Battery Powered Mirrorball Rotator Device.
  • Ornament Hooks.
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Transform a plain wall into dazzling decor that your family and friends will recollect for a lifetime. Even if you don’t have room for a tree, make the holiday season special and memorable. The tree is also simple to assemble and collapses for storage.

Featuring glass chandelier crystal prisms and timeless glass-blown bulbs, this 7′ wall tree is sure to enchant. As they shimmer in the light, the stones are carefully selected for each of their refractive brilliance.

Light appears to pirouette around the room as a rotating device slowly rotates a mirror ball, adding to the brilliance. The tree is topped with an acrylic star in pearl white, mirrored acrylic, or a combination of both.

Other Features:

  • Connected acrylic half-rings (Pearl White only).
  • Glass chandelier crystals with chrome pin, hand-cut and polished.
  • Glass ornaments (matte-satin).
  • Multicolor LED uplight.
  • Mirrored 12-point dodecogram star tree topper.
  • Mirrorball and battery-powered mirrorball rotator device.
  • Tree storage container (polyester zipper bag).
  • Installation hardware.
  • Replacement ball chain and connectors.
  • Ornament Hooks.
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An elegant pendalogue crystal prism tree with shatterproof plastic bulbs and a 33″ tall height. Each is handpicked for its splendid refractive excellence, which enchants everyone as it glows and twirls in the light.

This versatile decoration comes with full sets of blue, green, silver, and red bulbs, as well as interchangeable tree toppers, so you can make other holidays remarkable and memorable, while still reflecting your impeccable style. This tree is mobile and fully prepared to go with you wherever you go, thanks to a custom-designed storage case! Great for interfaith couples and Hanukkah tree alternative.

Other Features:

  • interchangeable toppers.
  • Includes Rechargeable LED.
  • Remote control with 4 color settings with timer option.
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The hand-cut crystal prisms and glass-blown bulbs on this 10′ tree create a timeless atmosphere. A powder-coated “Tulip” stand supports the tree, which has also been inspired by world-renowned designer Eero Saarinen. The “Sputnik” tree topper, a custom-designed 12-point clear acrylic star, completes Grand 10’s look.

Other Features:

  • MODUS Mood LED uplight.
  • Tree Storage Case.
  • Mirrorball & Battery Powered Mirrorball Rotator Device.
  • Ornament Hooks.
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Christmas Is Nothing Without THE MODUS MOODLIGHT

With dozens of dramatic color cycles and features to choose from, the world’s first Christmas Tree reflects your gorgeous style and continues to follow your changing mood. Choose any colour from the rainbow to create a unique holiday experience that everyone will remember.

To operate the Modus LED, there are two ways (instructions to which are provided):

1. Magic Home Pro App 

2. Remote Control 


  • All 10 ft, 8 ft, and Wall trees come with this feature.
  • Not to be used with the “Jubilee” tabletop tree.

Perks In Buying Our Products

Compared to other holiday season decoration shops, our holiday decor standard stands out. These are the following perks

  • Free shipping around the USA.
  • Modus LED instructions: App and Remote.
  • Risk-free purchase. 
  • Money-back guaranty.

Year after year, families all over the world, from toddlers to cat and dog lovers, decorate their homes with the tree. However, it is entirely dependent on your child or pet. Many photos of families and pets safely enjoying mid-century modern Christmas trees can be found in our galleries.

The holiday season brings us together, so we don’t compromise even an inch. Keeping this in mind, we came up with undecorated versions of our collapsible Christmas tree so that you can enjoy decorating with your closed ones. If you need larger models of our products, we can do that for you too! You can also check out our custom tree options.

Customizing Your Needs

If you have a specific size, color scheme, or theme in mind then let us know what you desire. Year after year, our adaptable design allows us to create a special and original guest experience. The Modern Christmas Tree is not only simple to erect and dismantle, but it also collapses to fit into a small space.

We’ve taken The Modern Christmas Tree’s mid-century modern design and shot it in some of the most classic locations in the world. Our gallery has pictures of all our products so that you can see and decide what will suit your house the best. You don’t have to be concerned about quality when you work with us, our craftsmanship and quality control is top of the line.

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