Do you have a custom Christmas tree?  A Christmas tree made just for you?  Why not, you customize everything else.  You have carefully selected the furniture in your home. The art work on the walls reflect your personal taste and perhaps even your favorite colors. Why wouldn’t you then have a custom Christmas tree? A custom Christmas tree made specifically for you and your family to meet your individual needs. A custom Christmas tree that represents your style and taste that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

It used to be the only Christmas trees you could pick from were real trees, and artificial Christmas trees trying to look like the real deal.  As real trees become less popular in favor of artificial trees, there seems to be a hole in the marketplace for options and customization.  Sure you can select a tree based on height and width but that’s about it.

The great thing about a Modern Christmas tree is they can be customized to meet your needs in numerous way. Do you require a Christmas tree with a particular height and width?  Is there a particular theme or color pallet in your home?  A custom Christmas tree can be made to meet your needs.  The pearl white Modern Christmas Tree is our most popular tree. The pearl white rings of the tree provide a blank canvas to support any style and color preference.  The crystal clear tree is transparent and neutral allowing the tree to blend into any space  while still providing an interesting focal point.  Although there an dozens of colors to pick from, common custom tree colors include ruby red, sapphire blue and emerald green.  Other custom Christmas tree options include ornament color and crystal options.

Regardless of your requirements, a Modern Christmas Tree will meet your needs. Not sure what kind of custom Christmas tree is right for you and your space?  No problem!  Consult with Matt Bliss, the co-designer for free.  He will help design a custom Christmas tree just form you, that you will enjoy of decades to come.  Matt has designed custom Christmas Trees for the Disneyland Hotel, Red Bull, Swarovski and hundreds of families and businesses all over the world.  You can reach Matt for more information regarding these innovative holiday trees check out the feature in Architectural Digest.

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