Unique holiday decor – The Modern hanging Christmas Tree

Celebrate the holidays with a hanging Christmas tree.  Alternative Christmas trees have become popular. One specifically is catching on in America.
The tradition of hanging your Christmas tree from the ceiling is not new. The hanging Christmas tree was first put on record in the 1500s in Riga, Latvia. Similarly, the look of hanging a tree upside down from the ceiling is common in eastern European countries. Likewise, families in America adopt upside down Christmas trees and celebrate the new tradition.

There are many reasons hanging your Christmas tree from the ceiling growing in popularity. A hanging Christmas tree is different.  The hanging Christmas tree is elegant, magical, and whimsical!  Christmas is special and memorable. For this reason, the unique tree provides this.

Easy up, easy down, & collapsible

In addition, the hanging Christmas tree grows in popularity.  The Modern Christmas Tree concentric rings were designed in the 1960s.  Although this design was a family secret, it was made available to the world for families to enjoy in 2012.

As a result, to install the Modern Christmas Tree is easy.  With full decorations, it only weighs between 14-17 pounds. Therefore, it does not need to be secured from a stud in the ceiling.  A simple drywall screw that supports up to 45 pounds will allow you to hang your tree any place you want versus needing to hang a traditional artificial tree from a stud in the ceiling based on their weight.

Above all, The Modern Christmas Tree is easy to put up and take down. It’s collapsible and saves precious storage space. The unique look of a Modern Christmas tree ensures your family has a special and memorable holiday experience for years to come.

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