In the United States and around the world, the number of mixed-faith couples and families rises by the year. Studies show that 1 in 5 American adults were raised in interfaith households, and that Jews and Protestants are the most likely to marry outside of their religion. Even more interestingly, these numbers are higher among unmarried couples: studies show that a whopping 49% of unmarried couples living together are people of different religions. These numbers indicate that diversity is alive and well in American society and that, happily, interfaith tolerance is increasing. 

With these demographic shifts comes a newfound need in American culture: a need for holiday traditions, activities, and décor that reflect a variety of different faiths and cultures. A quick Google search for “interfaith holiday decorations” produces thousands of results depicting clever and creative ideas for how people of interreligious heritage can express their connection to all aspects of their religious identity. It’s no surprise that, in an increasingly diverse country like the US, people of mixed ancestry would seek out physical manifestations of their unique ethnic blend: the holidays are a time for family, and there is perhaps no better way to communicate one’s love for their family and tradition than with the holiday decorations they use to celebrate “the most wonderful time of the year.” 

What are Some Examples of Interfaith Holidays?

Americans in particular have always found creative ways to celebrate their diverse holiday traditions. “Chrismukkah,” a combination of Christmas and Hanukkah, is observed by many of the 44% of Jewish Americans who are married to a non-Jewish spouse. Another example of blended holidays is Festivus, a secular alternative to the holidays, which was made famous by the hit TV show Seinfeld. Families who celebrate these holidays often experiment with their own unique ways of blending different traditions and cultural elements.

What are Some Ways Interfaith Families Can Celebrate Multiple Holidays Together?

Here are some new interfaith celebration ideas to help you observe your unique, diverse collection of holidays as a family:

  1. Hanukkah Bush: When Americans think of interfaith holiday traditions, there is perhaps no better example than the “Hanukkah bush.” A Jewish or interfaith alternative to a Christmas tree, it is a bush covered in pine needles which bears Jewish, secular, or winter-themed ornaments. A Star of David is often placed at the top instead of the traditional Christian star or angel.
  2. Christmas stockings with Hebrew lettering: A fun and clever way of blending two religious traditions, many interfaith families will opt for Christmas stockings decorated with the Hebrew letters typically featured on a dreidel. This combination is a great idea because gift-giving is traditional on both Christmas and Hanukkah, making the gift stocking a perfect way to emphasize the similarities between the two faiths.
  3. Modern Christmas Trees: Modern Christmas Trees are a beautiful, environmentally friendly, and wonderfully unique to any holiday, but they work especially well for interfaith families. Modern Christmas trees illuminate any room with stunning LED lights in a wide array of colors, making them a perfect convergence of many faith traditions—the concept of light and vibrance plays a crucial role in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and many other religions’ holidays. 

How Can I Incorporate a Modern Christmas Tree into My Interfaith Holiday Celebration?

The Jubilee is a small yet stunning modern Christmas tree that is sure to dazzle guests and loved ones of any faith. Standing at 33” tall, is a unique, tasteful tabletop decoration that makes a perfect alternative to a traditional Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush.

Why Try a Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree Instead of a Hanukkah Bush?

Choosing a Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree instead of a Hanukkah Bush can help you assert your unique style and flair as a family while remaining true to your cultural and religious traditions. There are many reasons why a Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree makes a perfect replacement for a Hanukkah bush for mixed-faith families, including:

  1. Color options:  The Jubilee, like all Modern Christmas Trees, can be decorated using a variety of colors, including blue and white. This color combination has deep roots in the Jewish faith; not to mention, they make up the color scheme of the Israeli flag. Sparkling, colorful ornaments represent Christmas, while the stunning silver crystals and blue-and-white color scheme represent Judaism. This unique, tasteful decoration will light up your home with interfaith pride.
  2. Jewish-Themed Tree Topper: The Jubilee comes with 4 interchangeable toppers, including a star, a shamrock, and two stars. One of the stars is a traditional Christmas star, while the other is a Magen David, otherwise known as the Star of David—an important and immediately recognizable symbol of Judaism. Place the Magen David atop your Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree for a truly one-of-a-kind holiday display.
  3. It’s portable and convenient: Many interfaith or interethnic families in the US can trace their ancestry back to different countries. Planning a holiday trip overseas to visit family? Bring your Jubilee! It’s collapsible and perfect for travel.
  4. It combines many different traditions: Get the best of both worlds with your Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree. Place gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, or both around its feet and experience the magic of this glowing decoration.
  5. It’s modern, just like your family: As interfaith families become more common, many families want something that represents progress. What better way to celebrate the progress of the 21st century than with distinctly 21st century designs?
  6. It’s both cultural and religious: While Christmas trees are associated with a Christian holiday, they are enjoyed by people of all faiths. The Jubilee maintains the “Christmassy” feel of a traditional Christmas tree while still being secular enough for families of any faith to participate.

Celebrate Your Modern Family with a Modern Christmas Tree!

Whatever holidays you and your family celebrate, celebrate them with pride, joy, and jubilance with the Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree. They make a perfect holiday decoration or interfaith holiday gift for loved ones of any background. Beside your Hanukkah bush or in place of it, the beautiful Jubilee Modern Christmas Tree (learn more here) is sure to make every interfaith holiday merry, bright, and blessed.

Article written by Gabrielle Stoner

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