Interior designers, unlock the art of exquisite holiday design. The Modern Christmas Tree is your canvas for a touch of contemporary luxury.

Welcome, interior designers, to a world of unparalleled holiday decor. The Modern Christmas Tree is your canvas, where innovation meets tradition, and contemporary elegance embraces timeless holiday charm.

At Modern Christmas Tree, we understand that your clients demand more than the ordinary; they crave the extraordinary. This is your opportunity to captivate your clients, leaving them in awe of your design prowess.

Why Choose Modern Christmas Tree?

Contemporary Luxury: Our trees redefine holiday elegance with sleek, modern designs that complement any interior.

Versatile Elegance: Whether it’s a minimalist marvel or a maximalist masterpiece, our trees adapt to your vision.

Craftsmanship: Each tree is a work of art, handcrafted with precision to ensure a lasting impression.

Insta-Worthy: Your designs will be Instagram-worthy, attracting the admiration of clients and followers alike.

Customization: Tailor your tree’s size, color, and lighting to suit any theme or space.

Elevate Your Holiday Designs: Transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens of holiday spirit. With the Modern Christmas Tree, your designs will shine with a touch of modern magic, making your clients’ dreams a festive reality.

Join the Modern Christmas Tree revolution and create unforgettable holiday interiors that leave a lasting impression.


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The Modern Christmas Tree at Night

Our AR expereince is great for seeing how the tree fits in your space but does not capture the magic of how the tree looks at night. Imagine your friends and family gathering around the tree in this video!

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