Color Changing Lights and How They Affect Your Mood

A lot of users subscribe to buying multicolored lights because of their radiant glow and beauty. We end up missing out on other health benefits that come with using a good multicolored light.

Human beings are not nocturnal animals, so there are numerous ways that lights can affect our mood.

But it looks so simple to believe it is true. How does different lightning affect mood? How does colors affect a person’s mind? What color light is best for mood?

With these numerous questions clouding your mind, it might become difficult to select the best color light for your mood and how to use it to achieve the best relief.

However, here’s all you need to know about multi-colored lights and how they affect your mood.

Multicolor Lights and the Human Mind

Movie producers and artists have understood the use of lights, down to their interaction with the human mind. They’ve understood that the right selection of colors wouldn’t just give that painting or movie the best look but will attract and retain the attention of customers.

Ranging from the use of colors in passing emergency signals, and its application in street lights, our brains have a unique way of reacting to each color.

This goes as far as determining how we feel, how we think, and how we respond to actions. Colors are a great communication tool. You can harness its potential if you study it properly.

However, people need to understand that the use of a color-changing LED is not magic. While there are defined meanings and interpretations of each color, its effect on the human mind cuts across our personal experiences, beliefs, and cultural background.

How does different lighting affect mood?

Some offices, stores, advanced homes, and therapy rooms have understood the power of lightning and are using it to influence our decisions. This includes encouraging people to buy some goods, energize staff to work, or maintain a relaxing environment.

The use of lightning to affect mood spreads across its impact on our sleep, heart rate, emotions, and overall mood. This practice is known as chromotherapy. The use of multicolored lightning helps in curing diseases. The use of lightning has also proven effective for autistic individuals.

The electromagnetic radiation of colors targeted to the bold can help affect the performance of the body. Exposure-certain hues of light can enhance our mental and physical health.

However, the process of using colors for medical care dates back to ancient times. The concept of using color to enhance our mood, mind, and body performance goes back to the Chakra system in India in 1500-500 BC.

It is believed that the human body has different energy levels and centers. They are in different locations of the body. These energy centers are designed to govern the performance of certain organs of the body.

However, each chakra is governed by certain colors.

Nevertheless, natural glows have a way of brightening our mood. A combination of red and dark blue colors in a room could introduce the freaky-fun vibe to the party. This goes down to green for life and harmony and yellow for happiness.

Understanding these respective colors will help you know how to use our multicolored light after purchase.

What color light is best for mood?

As a user, you will love to understand what do the different colors of LED lights mean. This includes what color helps with depression, and led light colors for when you’re sad. You will love to achieve great value from the purchase you made.

Six Best colors of light for your mood

Here are different multicolored LED lights, their meanings, and effect on the human body.

  1. Red

All colors have different effects on our body; Red is not an exception. Red has an amazing effect that radiates on the brain and our mood. Red is one of the most dynamic colors that makes it a good option for relaxation, work, and fun.

Red has a way of interacting with your heart rate to spur up excitement. This also includes its integration with the body to boost strength, and energy.

Red also stands out as a good symbol of love. It is a good choice for a romantic night at home.

  1. Orange

Orange is a good reflection of Confidence, Success, bravery, sociability. Orange color is an equal combination of red and yellow paint. This might not necessarily mean that it possesses the qualities of both colors but its unique influence is good for human health.

  1. Yellow

Yellow is one of the most popular colors in existence. Yellow is highly attached to happiness, glamour, and good vibes. Down from clothes laced with yellow, to a room shining with bright or calm yellow light, there is Creativity, happiness, warmth, and cheer radiating through the room.

  1. Green

Green is a symbolic representation of nature, healing, freshness, and quality. From the representations of green in healthy plants to its glow in our gardens, green transmit an aura of peace, ease, healthiness, and good quality.

  1. Purple

Nothing beats the mood of feeling like a King and a queen. Sometimes, you just want to tune up the mood of your room, to live like the king/queen you are. This includes basking in the luxury of your wealth. Purple is your best choice for this. Royalty, luxury, spirituality, Ambition

  1. Pink

Pink is the pride of most ladies. It embodies everything beautiful in its radiation. This includes Compassion, Sincerity, and sophistication. Pink can serve as a good choice when your friends are visiting.

Pink is a calm color, so you have nothing to be scared about, about harsh lightning.


Choosing the best color and lighting for your room and mood might be a confusing task. We believe this review will serve as a guide to your lightning application.

However, we designed our Modus Multicolor LED spot Light with a music synchronization feature that connects with your phone to deliver a good blend of colors according to your mood.

This makes it easy to harmonize the lighting according to the beats on your phone. You wouldn’t have to get worried about choosing the best set of colors for your parties, home relaxation, or office settings.

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