I have been asked to come up with a modern Christmas tree topper since The Modern Christmas Tree was made available to the public in 2012. After all, what is a tree without a topper?  It’s important!  It’s the cherry on top of the sundae.
Over the years I have been sent pictures by tree owners who have used a variety of Christmas tree toppers some you might consider modern Christmas tree toppers and some much traditional.  None of them seemed to look right.  They were either too big or too traditional, even silly at times and didn’t fit the tree.
Look at every Christmas tree topper on the market. None is as unique as the “Sputnik”.  This modern Christmas tree topper is called the “Sputnik” because of its mid-century modern look that was inspired by the space race led by the Soviet Union in the late 1950s.
This shape is a common element in mid-century modern design and perfect for the tree.  This three dimensional, twelve point acrylic star works with the large Modern Christmas Tree, with or without a stand.  The cast injection molded star has a recession in the middle which will allow the Modern Christmas Tree owner to simply thread the chain that goes from the top of the tree to the ceiling through the star.  For those who choose to use the modern Christmas Tree with the tulip base stand, simply screw on the additional skinny white piece this is included with your stand and thread the “Sputnik” tree topper on.
The modern Christmas tree topper coined the “Sputnik” has been met with rave reviews. It compliments the tree with its clean design esthetic while carefully not dominating the tree. Any other tree topper whether a modern Christmas tree topper or not simply does not work.  I’m always looking for things to compliment the tree. If you have an idea of your own or one you have seen please share it with me.  Who knows, we may end using your idea for the next modern Christmas tree topper.
For now, the “Sputnik” seems to be the perfect match. Learn more here on our Sputnik topper shop page.
Other tree topper ideas can be found on Pinterest.

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