Iconic ‘Sleeper House’ Plays Host To The Modern Christmas Tree

The legendary Sleeper House was recently the stage for a once in a lifetime photo shoot with the Modern Christmas Tree®. This photo shoot celebrated a marriage of two classic modern designs. It initiates the countdown to the November 3rd launch of their website and full product line of Modern Christmas Trees®.

The Modern Christmas Tree® was originally designed by Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker in the mid-1960’s. It’s a holiday tree made or concentric acrylic rings, decorated with chandelier crystals and ornaments. The tree hangs from the ceiling and is illuminated by a spotlight from underneath. This projects its breathtaking shadows and reflections throughout the room.

In 2010, Stoecker was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This is when his grandson Matt Bliss decided to show the world his trees. Sadly, he passed away on September 26th, 2012. “It makes me happy showing his tree to people and telling the story behind it,” says Bliss.

The trees are displayed during the holidays throughout the world, including at the Disneyland Hotel and Google’s corporate offices. The Sleeper House is the most recent venue to show these modern art holiday wonders.

Designed by the late great Charles Deaton in 1963, the originally coined “Sculptured House” is located in Genesee, Colorado. The house was made famous in 1973 with the release of the sci-fi/comedy “Sleeper” which was written, directed and starred Woody Allen. Since then, the iconic home has been known as “The Sleeper House” and adored