A Sparkling Twist on the Classic Evergreen

Back in the 1960s, Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker created a whole new kind of Christmas tree…one that required no watering and would be the ideal complement to modern decor. This first tree was made out of cardboard. With the 2011 revival by Stoecker’s grandson, Matthew Bliss, the new Modern Christmas Trees have evolved into sleek, suspended sculptures, with rings of acrylic bedecked with sparkling crystals and glass ornaments.

You get all the glitz and festive feeling of a Christmas tree without having to sweep up any needles. They are easy to set-up and take down, giving you more time to enjoy the season. They use bright and energy efficient LEDs. The best part, though, is that Modern Christmas Trees are very cool-looking. You really don’t have to sacrifice your modern style to show off your holiday spirit.

As a testament to Modern Christmas Tree’s mid-century modern roots, current models of the trees have been featured in the photography of some famous mid-century homes, including the Stahl House in Los Angeles and the Sculptured House (aka Sleeper House) near Golden, Colorado. Modern Christmas Trees also feature heavily in the annual Christmas festivities at the Disneyland Hotel.

Matthew Bliss expanded on his grandfather’s original tree with a petite tabletop version: the Jubilee Tabletop Tree with Ornaments. In addition to its space-saving design, the tree comes with a variety of ornaments and thematic toppers to add to holiday celebrations beyond Christmas.

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